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The Transport Process Research (TPR) Group focuses on experimental and modeling studies of heat, mass and momentum transport problems of industrial interest. The current interests include: drying; electronics cooling; modelling of PEM fuel cell & lithium Ion battery; heat and mass transfer under jets; mathematical modeling of minerals, metals and materials processing operation (M3TC). Additionally, a number of international collaborative projects are under way with institutions around the world. Details can be found on this site.


Summary of Professional Outcomes during January 2012 - July 2013

Wish you all a happy new year 2014.

Download the new year greeting cards here - New year card 1 & New year card 2.

Click here to download the calendar for the year 2013 from TPR group and WFCFD (World Forum for Crystallization, Filtration and Drying)

News from TPR Group

January 22. 2015

  1. Prof. Mujumdar gave a keynote lecture at Univ. Illinois at Urbana Champaign, IL. Meeting of CARD- canter for advanced research in drying- on December 16th.
  2. Dr. Agus Sasmito and Dr. Jundika Kurnia will present papers at an Applied Energy Conference in Masdar in UAE in March 2015.
  3. Dr Sachin Jangam presented a paper on Research Project based Learning (RPBL) in Singapore in December 2014.
  4. Volume 1 of a book entitled "Drying Technologies for Foods: Fundamentals and Applications (Ed. Nema et al.)" has just been published in India. Vol 2 will appear in December 2015. Click here to see the book cover.
  5. Prof. Mujumdar will present a keynote lecture at the forthcoming International Conference on Food Engineering, Quebec City, June 2015.
  6. Several titles are being finalised in the new CRC series edited by Prof. Mujumdar, entitled Advances in Drying Science & Technology. They are expected to be released at IDS2016 in mid 2016.
  7. Prof. Mujumdar coauthored 35 referred journal papers and co-edited three books during 2014 along with numerous editorials, conference reports and book reviews. Full listing of papers is available on the Publications page in this site.

Happy New Year to Visitors to this site.

December 22. 2014

Dear visitors:

2014 has been an eventful year for me as well as members of our TPR network. I moved from NUS to HKUST and then KMUTT in Bangkok on January 1 st 2014. I landed in Toronto to settle down in April 2014. Currently I am honorary Adjunct Professor at McGill ( Bioresource Engg and Mining Engg) as well as at Western University ( Chemical Engg). My joint research projects with universities in China, India, Iran and Thailand are continuing productively.

I was fortunate to be conferred two highest national level awards in China during 2014. In January I was one of seven recipients of the National award for International Cooperation for Science & Technology. In September I was awarded the well known Government of China Friendship Award. Also in September I received the Tianjin Haihe Friendship award for contribution to the city state of Tianjin.

In January 2014 Jiangnan University, Wuxi, China conferred their prestigious Honorary Professorship. More recently, the University of Queensland has named me an Hinorary Professor. It is indeed an honor for me to work with these institutions.

I am pleased to see that TPR research output continues its pace with impressive numbers on Google Scholar. The total number of citations has nearly reached 18,000 with h index of 60- a respectable figure in a discipline not known for high citation numbers.

We published three major books and an impressive e book on Fluidization. Drying Technology journal continues to attract a high manuscript flow.

IDS2014 was held successfully in Lyon. Location for IDS2016 will be announced in the near future.

In the coming years I wish to advise academia interested in raising their global profile and industry keen to raise their R&D performance. I plan to continue to mentor doctoral students at universities around the globe.

Finally, I wish you a very happy, healthy and successful 2015! For an e-card using Watercolors by me and my wife, Purnima, please click here. Thanks are due to Sachin Jangam for creating the card and uploading this message.

Arun S Mujumdar

December 6. 2014

  1. Dear visitors: A second expanded edition of e-book Fluidization Engineering Practice is now available for download. Click here to download this book edited by Maria Laura Passos, Marcus Antonio S. and Arun S Mujumdar.
  2. A book on Drying Technologies for Foods: Fundamentals and Application is ready for publication. Click here to view the book cover design. This book is an out come of 1st Workshop on Dehydration of Food and Agricultural Products (Principles, Practices and prospects) held at NIFTEM during 25-26 March 2014. The book is edited by Prabhat K Nema, Barjinder P Kaur and Arun S Mujumdar and published by New India Publishing Agency, New Delhi, India.

Novemver 28. 2014

  1. Dear visitors: Click here to download book review of Handbook of Industrial Drying (Fourth Edition) published in Chemical Industry Digest.

October 11. 2014

  1. Dear visitors: Click here to download the conference report on International Drying Symposium 2014 held at Lyon, France.

October 4. 2014

  1. Prof. Mujumdar received China Government's highest award for Foreign Nationals - Friendship Award- on September 30, 2014. The Gold Medal with plaque was presented by the Deputy Prime Minister. A reception was held by the Prime Minister. Awardees also attended a grand banquet where the President of China spoke to some 3500 invitees.
  2. Prof. Mujumdar also received the prestigeous Tianjin Haihe Friendship Award in Tianjin, China, on September 18th.
  3. Prof. Mujumdar visited Tianjin, Hangzhou, Suzhou , Wuxi and Beijing. He presented several seminars at universities and one lecture at one of China's top high schools in Wuxi.
  4. Prof. Mujumdar is series editor for a new book series by CRC Press entitled Advances in Drying Science and Technology. About 4 titles are already being developed for this series.
  5. ADC2015 will be held in KL, Malaysia in August 2015.
  6. Chinese Drying Conf. Will be held in Chengdu, China in September 2015. Prof. Mujumdar will give a keynote lecture there.
  7. A second Drying workshop will be held at NIFTEM, Kundli, India during 25-27 Feb, 2015.
  8. A special issue of Drying Technology Journal devoted to research only from Jiangnan University, Wuxi, will be out in October 2014.

September 4, 2014

  1. IDS2014 was held successfully in Lyon. It was 19th biennial event founded by Prof Mujumdar in 1978 at McGill University, Montreal. About 320 attended IDS. From 470 abstracts received 320 papers were presented which came from 25 countries. Brazil, France, China, Poland etc were among the most prominent contributors.
  2. ADC2015 will be held August 10-12, 2015 in KL, Malaysia.
  3. Prof J T Friere of Brasil was given the Arun S Mujumdar Medal at IDS2014. He has mentored 35 PhD and 30+ Masters students in Drying. The medal is given for excellent mentorship.
  4. Dr Sachin Jangam received the Taylor and Francis Award for outstanding service to Drying Technology journal.
  5. Dr Poh Hee Joo was recently honoured with a major Global Leadership Award in Singapore.
  6. Second edition of the Fluidization e-book edited by Dr Laura Passos will be uploaded soon.
  7. A unique special issue of drying Technology containing 16 papers from the drying group at Jiangnan University, Wuxi, China will appear in November 2014.
  8. Two chapters have  just been completed for a new Encyclopedia of Food and Nature( Elsevier). Also, two chapters are ready for a book on Dryibg to be published in India.
  9. Prof Mujumdar will visit China Sept 10 to Oct 10, 2014.

July 11, 2014

  1. To visit Prof Arun Mujumdar's Google Scholar page click here.

July 03, 2014

  1. The 4 th edition of Handbook of Industrial Drying will be available shortly. Please click here for the flyer with information about the contents and how readers may order a copy at 25% discount.
  2. Prof Mujumdar will present a keynote lecture at IDS2014 which will focus on a SWAT analysis of IDS series which he founded in 1978 and continues as its Hon. President.
  3. Citations to TPR member publications have been rising at a fast clip in recent months with current number at over 16,200 with h index of 58. It is gratifying to note interest in the fields of Drying as well as heat/mass transfer.

June 30, 2014

  1. Prof. Mujumdar has settled in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. He has active affiliation with Mining Engineering and Bioresource  Engineering at McGill and Chemical Engineering at Western. Additionally he is mentoring projects in China, India, Thailand, Brazil etc.
  2. The 4 th edition of Handbook of Industrial Drying will all ear next month. CRC will display it at IDS2014.

June 12, 2014

  1. Sachin is working with Prof. Benu Adhikari and Prof. Arun Mujumdar on a chapter entitled "Drying - Physical and Structural Changes" for Encyclopedia of Food and Health.
  2. Prof Arun Mujumdar and Sachin are working on a chapter entitled "New developments in food dehydration" for a book entitled “Dehydration of Food Products”, being undertaken by NIFTEM as an out come of 1st Workshop on Dehydration of Food and Agricultural Products (Principles, Practices and prospects) held at NIFTEM during 25-26 March 2014.
  3. A research article entitled "Energy-Efficient Novel Heterogeneous Gaseous T-Junction Microreactor Design Utilizing Inlet Flow Pulsation" has been recently accepted for publication in Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research. This article is one of the four research papers which are  outcome of the pedagogy experiment (Research Project Based Learning) Prof Arun undertook while at National University of Singapore.
  4. The Organizing committee of International Conference Science & Technology of Drying 2014, Bogota, Colombia has invited Prof. Arun Mujumdar as a visiting professor.
  5. Prof. Arun recently visited his old collegues at McGill University, Montreal, Canada. For recent pictures please visit Photo Gallery.

June 04, 2014

  1. To download latest name card of Prof Arun Mujumdar click here.
  2. For the flyer of upcoming Handbook of Industrial Drying - Fourt Edition: click here.

May 17, 2014

  1. For the latest list of refereed publications and Editorials of Prof. Mujumdar over past five years please click here.

May 12, 2014

  1. IDS2014

    The International Drying Symposium, organized by the Universite Claude Bernard Lyon 1 will take place from 24th August to 27th August 2014 at the Lyon Convention Centre in Lyon, France. The conference will cover areas like modeling and simulation of transport phenomena, material properties pertaining to water transport.

    This conference is the 18 th event in the series founded by Prof. Arun S. Mujumdar at McGill University in 1978.

    From 2014, Taylor & Francis and Prof. Mujumdar will jointly sponsor the new IDS Founder's Award for Outstanding Drying R&D and Exceptional Service to the Global Drying Community. It will be awarded annually; at IDS in even years and at Asia-Pacific or EuroDrying Conference in odd years.
    In addition the Professor A.S.Mujumdar Medal will be presented at IDS2014.  Taylor & Francis will also sponsor an Award in Recognition of Contribution to Drying Technology Journal.
    The 4 th Edition of Handbook of Drying will appear in August 2014. Best Paper and Best Paper awards at IDS2014 will include a copy of the new edition thanks to the publisher, CRC Press, Boca Raton, Fl., USA.

    For details of the Major Awards program, please visit  the website of IDS2014 (, Lyon, France. August 24-27, 2014.

May 05, 2014

  1. Drying Technology Journal - Top 10 Contributors.

    Mujumdar, A.S. 198
    Langrish, T.A.G. 56
    Soponronnarit, S. 49
    Zhang, M. 43
    Maroulis, Z.B. 41
    Raghavan, G.S.V. 36
    Kudra, T. 34
    Freire, J.T. 33
    Thorat, B.N. 30
    Chen, X.D. 29


  2. Drying Technology Journal - Impact factor for last 10+ years.

DRT statistics

May 02, 2014

  1. Simprosys 3.0 is the latest enhanced version of this user friendly software. Click here for more details or contact Dr. Dr Zhenxiang Gong.

April 29, 2014

  1. Prof Mujumdar is in Toronto. He is Adjunct Professor at McGill University and University of Western Ontario. Also , he is actively working with ICT(Mumbai), NIFTEM( Delhi) and KMUTT( Bangkok) on diverse projects. Following are some of the recent publication statistics for Prof. Arun Mujumdar (Source - Scopus, accessed on April 27, 2014).

    No of papers published - 555

    Total citations - 7889

    Average number of citations / paper - 14.21

    h index - 40

    Google Scholar h index. 56

    For detailed statistics click here

April 04, 2014

  1. Prof. Mujumdar completes his 14 year continuous academic service in Asia and returns to Canada today to settle down. He was with McGill University until mid 2000 before joining NUS, Singapore.
    He plans to continue active research collaboration with several institutions around the world and help mentor new generation of researchers in drying R&D as well as transport phenomena.

January 22, 2014

  1. Prof. Mujumdar was presented the National Award for International Cooperation in Science and Technology on January 10, 2014 In Beijing.
    The entire cabinet including the President and Prime Minister of China attended the event. A Gold Medal was presented by Vice Premier Liu (who is a chemical engineer) to the awardees. So far 84 such awards have been made by China since 1994.
    This award follows a similar award presented by the Governor of Jiangsu Province to Prof Mujumdar in February 2013. The award recognize contributions to development of drying technologies in China since 1984.
  2. Jiangnan University presented Honorary Professorship to Prof Mujumdar which is the highest honor given by the University only to give so far. JU is located in Wuxi which is a city of 6.5 million and rated the most liveable city in China in 2013. He met with the Deputy Mayor of Wuxi and discussed future collaboration including JU and local industries.
  3. Agus Sasmito will join McGill University as Assistant Professor at the end of this month. Best wishes, Agus!
  4. Karthik Somasundaram will join Oxis Energy Limited from March 2014. Best wishes for a successful industrial career, Karthik.
  5. Prof. Mujumdar completed 4 month stay with HKUST; he is now with KMUTT in Bangkok.
  6. IDS2014 promises to be a major success with a record number of 460 accepted abstracts. A new Major award will be initiated, e .g. IDS 2014 viz IDS Founder's Award for Exceptional Contribution to Drying Science, Engineering or Technology.

    Note: Following are links related to the award ceremony in Beijing and the Jiangnan University event including a link to the commemorative book produced by JU for the occasion. Over 12 PhDs, 10 Masters, 70 journal papers emerged out of a 12 year intensive collaboration. Considerable interaction with industry also was part of this cooperation.

    Commemorative book from JU link -

January 04, 2014


  1. Prof. Mujumdar completed his stay with HKUST and is now with KMUTT in Bangkok as Distinguished Visiting Professor.
  2. Prof. Mujumdar will be in Beijing and Wuxi in mid-January to receive a National Award and then participate in a conference with 30 presentations in Wuxi, Jiangsu province.
  3. Professor Mujumdar will be conferred the most prestigious Honorary Professorship by Jiagnan University of Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China on January 13, 2014. Only five such awards have been made by JU so far and they include four Nobel Laureates.
  4. A commemorative book will be published in Wuxi. Sachin is compiling an e book also as a memento.
  5. A comprehensive workshop on drying of foods will be held in Niftem, Kundli ( near New Delhi) in March /014. Visit Niftem website for details.

November 26, 2013

  1. The 4th edition of Handbook of Industrial Drying, CRC Press, is now going for production. Authors will receive page proofs around end of January 2013. The plan is to get this huge tome out in 2 volumes (65 chapters) by July 2014 just ahead of IDS2014. Two Best Paper awardees will get a copy each as Prize at IDS2014. All authors should be prepared to check the proofs within days of receipt. Thanks in advance for their cooperation.
  2. Prof. Mujumdar will be a Distinguished Visiting Professor at KMUTT, Thonburi, Bangkok, Thailand during January and February 2014.
  3. A member of Drying Technology's Editorial Board, Prof. Mauri Fortes,  has been recognized by his alma mater Purdue University, USA  for his outstanding contribution to research, education and service in agricultural engineering. A former President of UNA, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Dr. Fortes is also recognized by UNA by naming the University Library Dr. Mauri Fortes Library in 2013. 
    A plaque commemorating the honor reads: 
    Prof. Dr. Mauri Fortes, Through the years, your wisdom and vocation for professorship, confirmed through your activities in academic management, teaching, and research, have inspired us to build in our institution an educational model which effectively contributes to transforming the society. Receive, as one of the most admirable representatives in the history of this University Center, the recognition, respect, and gratitude from all UNA Community. Belo Horizonte, February 4, 2013 UNA.Hearty congratulations and very best wishes for a highly productive and healthy future from all members of the global TPR group members!
  4. Latest Google Scholar citation count for Prof. Mujumdar is  about 13350 with h index of 52.
  5. A new free e-book on drying and food processing has just been compiled. It is available for free download from e-books section of this website.
  6. IDS2014 abstracts deadline is approaching fast. Please visit the conference website for details. Also, you are invited to nominate candidates for various major awards to be presented at IDS2014.
  7. Congratulations to Dr Meng Wai Woo for award of tenure by Monash University. He also received Taylor & Francis Award for service contribution to Drying Technology journal.

November 05, 2013

  1. Congratulations to Amir Tohidi on his successful completion of the PhD degree. His advisor, Prof. Mostafa Hosseinalipour was Prof. Mujumdar's PhD student at McGill University.
    Amir Tohidi received his Ph.D. from Iran University of science and Technology in 2013. He was Dr. Hosseinalipour’s Ph.D student of mechanical engineering in IUST (Iran University of science and Technology) working on rheological models describing dough behavior, numerical simulation and experimental methods applied to dough development. A part of his research project was to devise and to manufacture a novel dough mixer based on chaos theory and registered as a new patent in Iran. It was devised based on a simple geometrical perturbation to induce chaotic advection in order to improve mixing performance which is considered as a hardship in the mixing phenomena of highly viscose materials. High viscous fluids have various applications in industries such as polymer production, food industry and emulsion. Due to high energy consumption, the use of turbulent flow is not feasible or requires high viscosity. In other hand, the use of high speed blades may damage macromolecules of these fluids. Recently researchers are considering generating chaotic advection in these fluids, so as to increase the mixing and heat transfer rate in them. In a chaotic flow, closely spaced particles will diverge exponentially leading to an increased interface and thusly higher rate of mixing and heat transfer. Studied show that simple changes in geometry and boundary conditions can result in a chaotic flow and also improve chaos in the stokes flow. Considering that stokes equations are valid for the dough in the intended mixer, the effect of physical and geometrical parameters on chaotic advection has been evaluated in this thesis. This mixer has been evaluated in the CAE center 
    of Iran University of Science and Technology and has been proved to be chaotic by using numerical simulation and experimental tests. 
  2. Prof. Mujumdar presented a seminar on The Global Engineer of the Future - A New Paradigm at HKUST. Clich here for the the PowerPoint slides of this talk.
  3. IDS2014 abstracts deadline is only a few weeks away.

October 17, 2013

  1. Manuscripts of new chapters and some revised chapters in 4 th edition of the Handbook of Industrial Drying are with publisher.
  2. Page proofs should soon be arriving for the 5 th and final volume of Modern Drying Technology.
  3. Prof. Mujumdar presented two seminars at Tianjin University of Science and Technology, China.
  4. Prof. Mujumdar was Plenary lecturer at 16 th Chinese Drying Conference held in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, China. He was given an Award  for  Outstanding Contribution to Chinese Drying Technology.
  5. Abstracts are due in December for IDS2014 to be held in Lyon, France, in August 2014.
  6. A theme issue of Drying Technology on Innovative Dryers will be guest edited by Drs Chung Lim Law and Sachin Jangam.
  7. A workshop on Drying technology for food industry will be held at NIFTEM , Kundli, India in March 2014.

August 30, 2013

  1. Prof. Mujumdar has arrived in Hong Kong and is with HKUST.
  2. All new chapters for 4 th edition are in are ready for dispatch to the publisher soon. Likewise chapters which have been updated will also be sent within the next couple of weeks.
  3. Dr Sachin V Jangam has joined NUS chemical engineering department as Lecturer. Hearty congrats to Sachin!
  4. Dr. Agus Pulung Sasmito has accepted a position with McGill University as Assistant Professor. Congrats to Agus!
  5. A new e-book on Solar Energy will be ready for upload soon.
  6. Prof Min  Zhang, Prof Li Zhanyong and Prof. Lixin Huang made a defense of the nomination of Prof Mujumdar for Chinese National Award for International Cooperation in Nanjing on August 17 th; their efforts are gratefully appreciated.
  7. Prof Mujumdar has been invited to give a keynote lecture in Colombia JB May 2014.

Highlight News


Click here to read the article about Ebooks from TPR Group published in October 2010 issue of Chemical Industry Digest.


Professor Mujumdar receives Mars Lifetime Achievement Award from IDS2010. Click here for details.

Top 5 contributors to the World Drying Archival Literature

(Last updated from ISI Web of Science on March 13, 2012)

The number refers only to publications in archival journals. Books and chapters in books or conference proceedings are excluded.


Prof. Arun S. Mujumdar (261)

Department of Mechanical Engineering

National University of Singapore, Singapore


Prof. Tim A.G. Langrish (114)

Department of Chemical Engineering

University of Sydney, Australia


Prof. Somchart Soponronnarit (111)

School of Energy, Environment and Materials

King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand


Prof. G.S. Vijaya Raghavan (108)

Department of Bioresource Engineering

McGill University, Canada


Prof. Xiao-Dong Chen (106)

Department of Chemical Engineering

Monash University, Australia



  • New book by Prof.Mujumdar, "Perspectives on Innovation, Globalization and R&D", click here for the flyer.
  • TPR Ebook "Mathematical Modeling of Industrial Transport Processes", click here for free download.
  • Prof. Mujumdar has been selected for Platinum Award of Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai.
  • Special Awards at IDS 2008. Visit here
  • Prof. Arun S. Mujumdar received Taylor & Francis Award, IDS2008. Visit here
  • Guide to Industrial Drying (3rd Enhanced Revise Edition) is available. Click for Brochure
  • Report on Honorary Doctorate for Editor-in-Chief Professor Arun S. Mujumdar Receives Doctor Honoris Causa Award from Lodz Technical University, Poland on June 11, 2008. Click here (pdf)
  • Professor Mujumdar received Doctor Honoris Causa by Lodz Technical University, Lodz, Poland at a ceremony in Lodz on June 11, 2008. More
  • Prof. A.S. Mujumdar's publications list of (1978 to Sep 2008). Visit here
  • Collage of book covers Click here
  • New books edited by Prof. E. Totsas and Prof. A.S. Mujumdar, Modern Drying Technology, Volume 1, Wiley-VCH, 2007.
  • New books edited by Prof. E. Totsas and Prof. A.S. Mujumdar, Modern Drying Technology, Volume 2, Wiley-VCH, 2008


Numerical simulation and experimental investigations of various drying processes, intensification of innovation via mathematical models

  • Spray Drying
  • Heat Pump Drying
  • Microwave Drying
  • Spouted Beds Drying
  • Pulse Combustion Drying (PCD)
  • Atmospheric Freeze Drying (AFD)
  • Superheated Steam Drying
  • Drying of Gel
  • Drying of Nanosuspension
New approaches to cooling of electronics
Experimental and numerical investigation of new approaches for thermal management of electronics
Modeling of PEM fuel cells & Lithium Ion batteries
Explore new designs for enhancing the mass transport processes in PEMFC; develop 3D computational model of PEMFC; carry out an experimental study to investigate parameter that govern fuel cell performance and validate simulation results

Mathematical modeling of Mineral and Metal
Processing Operations

Using mathematical modeling to study the various processes in steelmaking and in the making of steel products: post combustion, continuous steel casting, lost foam casting, hydrocyclones, electromagnetic stirring of liquid steel etc.
Current Projects:
  • Post Combustion in an Electric Arc Furnace
  • Pulse Combustion
  • Design and optimization of hydrocyclones
  • Lost Foam Casting Process
  • Optimization of industrial tundish geometry





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