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SIMPROSYS 3.0  A User-friendly Flowsheeting Software from Simprotek.

With the increasing interest of industry to reduce energy consumption and reduce carbon footprint, it has become very important to have a simple inexpensive tool  available to process and design engineers as well as plant operators and managers to determine thermal efficiency, specific energy consumption so that they can optimize their operating conditions readily. Dr Zen Gong – a PhD chemical engineer from McGill University who was mentored by Prof. Mujumdar- has developed such an elegant tool that is a must for any industry operating plants involving dryers, evaporators, filters heat exchangers, mixers, gas cleaning equipment etc. Plant engineers can quickly find ways to improve energy consumption figures. Design engineers can come up with alternative flowsheets that may perform better. In fact, this new version of Simprosys can also handle nonaqueous solvents and various organic vapor-gas pairs as well.

What is interesting is that this software is a valuable teaching/learning tool as well in diverse engineering disciplines e.g. chemical, mechanical, agricultural, food, pharmaceutical engineering as well. Applied scientists and technologists can also readily learn this tool and use it effectively. The savings in energy, greenhouse gas emissions and hence the operating costs can be lowered significantly without major effort or cost.

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The following gives brief summary of the features of Simprosys3.0.

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