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Useful Links
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India patent office -

patent search database -

US patent office -

patent search database -

Japan patent office -

patent search database -

Interesting -

UN Committee Report on CO2 Capture, Storate etc


- Pusle Combustor Drying



- Spray and Pulse Combustion drying excellent 24 page summary of spray drying… state of the art of milk spray drying Very

useful powerpoint:

- Heat Pump Assisted Drying


Very good

- Superheated Steam Drying

Phase Change Heat Storage and Solar Collectors




Something new


Excellent review


What is this?



Heat and Mass Transfer


- Diffusion

Lab Books: Diffusion, Osmosis, and the Nernst Equation, Dr. J. Patlak and Dr. C. Watters

- Thermodynamics:Entropy (Also Reference for Thermodynamics (ME2121))

- Thermodynamics: Carnot Cycle- Animations(Also Reference for Thermodynamics (ME2121))

- Micro Impinging Jet

- Micro-Channel Heat Transfer

Rarefied Gas Dynamics in Micro-Devices

Prof. Mudawar's Research Websites

- Micro electronics cooling

- Nanofluid heat transfer

- Fuel Cells


Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

CCLRC's Computational Science and Engineering Department

CFD Online


Chinese Fluid Forum (in chinese)

FORTRAN Source Codes



- Chemical Vapor Deposition

- Controlled Drug Release links

- Water vapor saturation pressure formulations



- TRIZ method of Inventive Problem Solving

- Vortex Suppression


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