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"The IDS and Drying Technology Team (1984-94)."
Photo taken at NUS in Singapore (Feb. 7, 2001).
Anita Mujumdar (now with SNC-Lavalin, Toronto)
and Purnima Mujumdar assisted in major ways to
handle the mountains of paperwork during the
period 1984-94 without the benefit of modern
word processing or e-mail service!
Sakamon with his PhD Oral Examination
Committee at McGill University, June 2001
From left to right:                    
Dr. Tadeusz Kudra, Sakamon,          
Dr. Arun Mujumdar, Dr. Richard Munz,
Dr. Mazouk Benali, Dr. Vijiya Raghavan
NDC'2001 Awards Committee Chairman
Prof. Arun Mujumdar presents awards
to Prof. R.B. Keey (left) and
Prof. E.U. Schlunder (right) while
Prof. I. Strommen looks on
With Dr. Ernest Chua on his convocation
day at NUS, September 2001
Some members of the former McGill drying team at ADC'2001,August 2001
From left to right: Dr. G. Chen (Hong Kong Univ.
of Science and Technology), Dr. A.S. Mujumdar
(National University of Singapore), Dr. S.M. Houssenalipour and Dr. S. Sablani (Sultan Qaboos University, Oman)
At Advanced Food Processing Workshop, KMUTT
Bangkok, Thailand, November 2001
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