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Professor Mujumdar delivering is Plenary Lecture on " Academic Research: Role of Innovation and Globalization" at CHEMECA2006 Conference in Auckland, New Zealand, September 2006.
Prof. Mujumdar presenting his lecture at the Seminar on Sustainable Technologies for the Minera, Metal and Materials Industrial Sectors in Asia, October 30, 2006, Singapore.
Group Photo on GES Seminar on 30 Oct 2006, Singapore
Professor mujumdar presenting his Plenary Lecture at IDS2006, Budapest, 2006
Award presentation by Prof I Farkas, Hungary at IDS2006
Professor Mujumdar with Professor Farkas ,IDS2006 Chairman and Rector of Budapest Technical University Prof. Karoly Molnar at the Inaigural Reception for IDS2006.
Prof. Mujumdar, 2006
Prof. Mujumdar, 2006
Prof. Mujumdar, 2006
Prof. Mujumdar, 2006
Prof. Mujumdar, 2006
Dr. Peamsuk Suvarankuta, jointly advised by Dr. Sakamon Devahastin and Dr. Arun S,. Mujumdar, NUS, received her Ph.D in Food Engineering from KMUTT, Bangkok Thailand on March 14, 2006
Prof. Mujumdar(NUS), Prof. Thorat and Prof. Pandit(UICT) with the group of postgraduate students who assisted in the organization of the International Workshop pn Crystallization, Filtration and Drying, Mumbai, February 2006. This workshop was held under the auspices of the newly formed World Forrum of Crystallization, Filtration and Drying (WFCFD).

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Group photo with Dato Low of Bayan International, 2006
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