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Visit to China Agricultural University, Septemeber 2011.

Prof. Gary Rankin of Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Windsor, Canada visited M3TC/ME on October 18, 2011.


Speakers in Drying workshop

Participants of Drying workshop held in NUS, October 2011.

Participants of Drying workshop held in NUS, October 2011.


Prof.Cao presented with ASM Medal at CAU.

With Prof. Cao ( who won ASM MEdal at ADC2011) and Prof. X D Liu iof CAU, Beijing. September 2011.

Professor Mujumdar visited Gongda Technology Centre, Shijiazhang ,China in September 2011. Gongda Dryer company is a major dryer company in China .

At the entrance to the company’s manufacturing facility and R&D Centre.

Inside the factory with a pilot plate dryer in the background.


At ADC2011 venue, September 20, 2011.

Prof. Mujumdar with a group of graduate students from Tianjin University of Science & Technology who volunteered at ADC2011.


Dr. Nawshad Haque of CSIRO, Victoria, Australia presented a seminar on life cycle analysis under the auscipices of M3TC, August 3, 2011.

Dr Arasu , Visiting Researcher from India in Prof. Mujumdar's office, May 2011.



Receiving memento of visit at University of Isfahan, Iran.



With Dr. Banoni at Percepolis, Shiraz.



With Dr. Banooni and Dr. Rastapoor, Shiraz, Iran.



Informal discussion in Dr. Alipour's Ofice.



Research Group (partial) of Dr. Alipour who was Prof. Mujumdar's PhD student at McGill University, Canada.



Discussions with Dr Alipour and his PhD student at IUST, Teheran.



Organizing Committee and Speakers of International Symposium on Processing and Drying of Foods, Vegetables and Fruits held at KL, Malaysia in April 2011.



Professor Arun Mujumdar with Organizing Committee of International Symposium on Processing and Drying of Foods, Vegetables and Fruits held at KL, Malysia in April 2011.




Members of Organizing Committee and Speakers at the International Symposium on Food Processing, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, April 2011.



Prof.Mujumdar's birthday celebration with TPR Group members in his office

Prof. Mujumdar at the Grain Drying Workshop at KMUTT, Bangkok, January 2011


Group photo at KMUTT, Bangkok Workshop January 2011



Dr Zhenxiang Gong with Dean Zhanyong Li in Tianjin  at Tianjin University of Science & Technology, February 2011.

Dr Gong did his PhD with Prof. Mujumdar at McGill University.



Dr Gong with Dr. Wu Zhonghua who also did his PhD with Prof. Mujumdar but at NUS.  Dr Wu is the key organizer of ADC2011 in Tianjin, September 2011.
Dr Wu is Professor at Tianjin University of Science & Technology. Incidentally, Prof. Mujumdar’s long academic connections with several  Chinese universities began with a 7-day course on Drying Principles and Practice in August 1984.

Prof. Mujumdar gave a Keynote Lecture at the Energy Conference held in Palenbang, Indonesia.

Visit of Prof. Maria Aparecida Silva of UNICAMP, Campinas, Brazil to M3TC, March 1, 2011


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